Walenty Konieczny was the first husband of Stanislawa Broniarczyk. They were married in the parish of St. Stanislaw Koska on 4 Aug 1891.

Walenty Konieczny and Stanislawa Broniarczyk had two children in this parish:

Name Birth Place Marriage Spouse Parish
Frank Konieczny   Chicago      
Bronislawa Konieczny   Chicago       

Walenty Konieczny met at tragic end.  He was killed by a train on October 28th, 1894. The Cook County death certificate said this: ...he came to his death from shock and injuries accidentally received caused by being struck and killed by engine #41 hauling passenger train no. 34 belonging to the Chicago Burlington and Quincy R.R. at Hawthorne Street crossing of the tracks, October 28th, 1894 about 2:10 PM.  He was 29. According to his granddaughter Dorothy Wegner, he was allegedly picking up coal that fell out along the tracks so he could heat his house.

Walenty Konieczny was born on 4 Feb 1862 in the small village of Geczew in the parish of Lgow, south of Wrzesnia in the Poznan province. He was the child of Michal Konieczny and Marianna Brodniak. They were married on 28 Oct 1855 in the parish of Lgow. These were their children:

Name Birth Place Marriage Spouse Parish
Franciszek 22 Sep 1857 Geczew  1887 Mary Dura St. Stanislaw Kostka, Chicago, IL
Victoria 22 Dec 1860 Geczew       
Walenty 4 Feb 1864 Geczew  4 Aug 1891 Stanislawa Broniarczyk St. Stanislaw Kostka, Chicago, IL
Ignatius 31 Jan 1867 Geczew      
Kaspar 4 Jan 1869 Geczew      
Andreas 24 Nov 1870 Geczew      

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