Konieczny Family Villages

Geczew, Lgow, Gasiorowo

These villages were a little hard to get to. We had to take a small ferry across the Warta River to get there.

The small village of Geczew where Walenty Konieczny was born.

Lgow, the parish of the Koniecznys

The parish church of Lgow

Konieczny grave in Lgow church yard.

Logodzinski graves in Lgow. This family married into the Nalepinski line and may be from here as well.

Nearby village of Gasiorowo. This is where Walenty Konieczny said he was from on his marriage record to Stanislawa Broniarczyk at St. Stanislaw Kostka parish in Chicago.




Cemetery just outside Lgow village limits

Konieczny graves

Another Konieczny grave


Right on the road leading away from Lgow is the palace at  Gorzewski Smielow which is reputed to be where the Polish national poet Adam Mickiewicz wrote the majority of his classic work Pan Tadeusz in the early 19th century. It is now a museum.

They did have a nice cafe outside the palace. It is an amazing contradiction between the tiny villages and the manor house nearby.