Franciszek Orbik ( 1877-1943)

Son of Jozef Orbik and Anna Szczesny


Portrait of Franciszek Orbik



Orbik Family in Dudy Puszczańskie & Serafin

This information is from my distant cousin Andrzej Orbik from Gorzow Wielkopolska. Some information from his cousin Filip Weka from Olsztyn. New information also from Francois Orbik, descendant of Stanislaw Orbik, living now in Oignies, France. I am working with him to connect this family to the Orbiks in Tajno. I will keep this in English and Polish so other Polish relatives may connect here as well.

There was a Franciszek Orbik, born around 1877. We think he was born in Tajno. He married Julia Golas, probabaly from Dudy or Debe in the gmina of Lyse. This marriage probably occurred between 1897 and 1901. This probably happened in either the parish of Myszyniec or Kolno. If this happened in Myszyniec, we may not find the marriage record because there are no old records surviving WWII in this parish. If it happened in Kolno, we may be in luck. Franciszek Orbik died in Nov 1941 in Zalas, in the gmina of Lyse. On 18 May 2007, we found his death record in the gmina office at Lyse. His parents were Jozef Orbik and Anna Szczesny, married in Tajno in 1875.

Franciszek Orbik and Julia Golas had these children, who were born in  Dudy Puszczańskie:

  1. Helena Orbik, born 20 IV 1901 and died in 1984 in Pogorzale. She married Jozef Tonderys. They lived in the area of  Zapole, Luboml near Wołyn. In the time of WWII, they were sent with their children to Siberia.. They eventually migrated to North Africa with Anders Army. Their children stayed in North Africa. Józef Tonderys died1983. They had several children: Zofia (1924), Basia, & Józef  Tonderys
  2. Bolesław Orbik, born in 1902 and died while in the concentration camp- KL Stutthof, during WWII.
  3. Zygmunt Orbik, born in 1904. Married Maria Pikora from Warmiak
  4. Mieczysław, Orbik born in 1907. Married Justyna Beczwarzyk. Had one son, Slawomir. Died 10.09.1939 in a clinic in Warsaw.
  5. Stefan Orbik, born 18 VII 1908. Married Barankiewicz from Lachowice, Żywca. Died in Żywiec
  6. Władysław Orbik, born 25 X 1910. married  Augusta Merks in the Protestant parish in Ostrolenka. Had 3 girls and two boys. Died in 1955 and buried in Olsztyn. One daughter named Alina Gacka nee Orbik lives in Olsztyn. One son is named Derek.
  7. Przemysław Orbik, born 14 I.1914 died in a plane crash on 16.06.1939 while serving as a mechanic in the Polish air force. Buried in Army cemetery in Radom.
  8. Henryk Orbik, born 16 X 1916. Died 04.04.1973 and buried in Rucian.
  9. Aniela Orbik, born 25 VII 1920. Married Eliasz Stankiewicz. Died in Ruciane-Nida.
  10. Stanisław Orbik, born 08 II 1923. Died in Algeria. Was in the French Foreign Legion. Died with his family in an uprising in Algeria.




Woodsman house of Franciszek Orbik


Frank Orbik and wife Julia Gołaś


Grave of Franciszek Orbik in Załas