Family Occupations

Direct Line Ancestors

(A work in progress)

Name Occupation Location Source
Stanislaw Orbik (1875-1945) Tongsman in # 2 merchant mill, Wisconsin Steel Chicago Death Record 1945
Jan Orbik (1852-1908)  Wloscianin-Robotnik/Gospodarz      

Farm worker/later/ small farm owner

Tajenko Children's birth records 1870s-1890s
Jakob Orbik (1827-1908) Lozniak- day laborer Tajno Children's birth records 1848-1868
Wawrzyniec Orbik (1794-?) Lozno/Lozniak-day laborer

Gospodarz/Small farm owner

Tajno Children's birth records (1815-1830) & Jakob Orbik's marriage record (1847)
Marcin Orbik (1858-?) Honestus/Gospodarz- small farmer Tajno Martin's children's birth records (1780-1803) & Wawrzyniec Orbik's marriage record (1813)
Bartlomeij Orbik (About 1729-? Honestus- small farmer Tajno 1776 church tax records-Tajno Children's birth records (1749-1764)
Michael Ulaszek (1863-1932) Steel Worker-Illinois Steel Chicago Death Record & US Census
Wojciech Ulaszek (About 1820-1893) agricola small farmer (peasant) Osobnica  
Marcin Czarny (About 1851-1893) agricola small farmer (peasant) Osobnica Daughter Marianna's birth record (1875)
Peter Czarny (About 1831-1904)   Osobnica Children's birth records (1851-1862)
Alexander Pyterek (1851-1909) Tanner, then express man (deliveryman) for B&O Railroad Chicago Death Record
Valentine Pyterek 1808-1864 Wirt Innkeeper

agricola small farmer (peasant)

Gulcz Alexander birth (1851)

Death record 1864

Casmir Pyterek (1785-?)   Gulcz  
Valentine Pyterek (1741-?)   Gulcz  
Michal Pyterek (1711-?)   Gulcz  
Jan Polfus Ferri fabri (blacksmith) Gulcz Children's birth records (1812-1819)
Stanislaus Murkowski (1781-1857) Provisor Ecclesae (parish manager) Kcynia Children's birth records (1805-1857)
Chrisostum Murkowski (About 1849-?) Famatus Middleclass townsman Kcynia Stanislaus' birth record (1781)
Peter Nalepinski (1793-?) Doliator/Famator Cooper-Barrel Maker/Middleclass townsman Grocholin/Kcynia Children's birth records (1818-1842)
Michal Nalepinski (1747-?) Sometimes listed as Noblis (Nobleman-landowner) Grocholin Children Suzanna's birth record (1778) and Peter (1793)
Andrzej Nalepinski (About 1725-?) Subditorum subject Grocholin Michal Nalepinski's birth record (1747)
Franciszek Rzasa (1885-1954) Steel worker Chicago  
Sebastian Rzasa (1850-1916) agricola - small farmer (peasant) Palikowka  
Sebastian Rzasa (About 1830-?)   Palikowka  
Wojciech Nurkowicz (About 1851-?) Laborisi - Laborer


Strazow Grandaughter Honorata's birth 1886

Daughter Marianna's birth 1864

Antoni Nurkowicz (About 1831) agricola Strazow Grandaughter Marianna Nurkowicz's birth 1864
Mathias Misiewicz   Strazow Grandaughter Marianna Nurkowicz's birth 1864
Marcin Gancarz (Halak) (About 1833-?) Fugura Potter 

Gancarz is Polish for potter as well. It was his nickname. Halak was his real name.

Palikowka Daughter Rosalia Gancarz's marriage in 1875
Blasius Nawarol (About 1804-?)   Palikowka  
Jozef Szocinski Carpenter Chicago  
Wojciech Dziedzic (About 1831)   Strazow Grandaughter Marianna Nurkowicz's birth 1864
Kaspar Szocinski Arbiter Worker Rogowo, Swiatniki,  Gniezno & Chicago  
Stanislaw Szocinski Tabornator Innkeeper Rogowo  
Jan Slomka Tabornator Innkeeper Dziekanowice  
Bartlomeij Broniarczyk Auriga Wagon Driver in Poland 

 Day laborer in Chicago

Chocziczka, Goniczki, Gutowo Male, Lipie, & Chicago  
Paul Nowak (About 1823)      


Other Occupations of Related Family Members

Franciszek Orbik [Jan Orbik's 1st cousin, once removed](1828-?) Strzelec Lasow / Forest Guard

Read an excerpt about this occupation

  Children's marriage records (1848-1865). Passed this job down to his first son Thomas
Franciszek Orbik [Jan Orbik's brother] (1848-?) Soldier, then farmer Born in Tajno, living in Tajenko 1878 marriage record records him as soldier on leave

Lozniak definition from Fred Hoffman to Jay Orbik via email - October 12 1995

Lozniak and Loznik (with accents over the z) are a variant of Luznik, (with accents over the z) :

1) a day-laborer possessing neither land nor cottage.

2) a Chalupnik, a peasant with very little land.