Marolewski Family

Steven Marolewski married Eugenia Orbik in South Chicago in the 1920s. 

The Marolewski family immigrated to America on May 10th 1903 sailing from Bremen on April 28th and arriving in Baltimore aboard the ship Koln. The father Joseph Marolewski, 33, a laborer, was going to see his brother Xavier on 8257 Ontario (now Brandon) in South Chicago. He listed his last residence as Mlyniec, West Prussia (Poznan). Also listed on the ship manifest was his wife Magdalena, 28, daughter Leokadia, 5, Stefan, 3, and Konstancia, 1. 

Mylniec belonged to the parish of Gronowo, near Torun. LDS records from Gronowo parish show these records of Marolewskis.

Josef Marolewski born 18 September 1867 to Andreas Marolewski and Marianna Groszewska. Joseph Marolewski had several siblings:

The parents Andreas Marolewski and Marianna Groszewska were married on 25 January 1863 in Mlyniec.

The Marolewski family does not show up in the Gronowo parish any earlier than this. The marriage of Josef Marolewski and Magdalena did not shop up in this parish so it must have happened in a nearby parish.

Photos of the Mlyniec/Gronowo/Torun Area

Mlyniec "Mwyniets" It means mill

 House in Mlyniec I

Mlyniec I

VIII Century Chapel in Mlyniec

VIII Century Chapel in Mlyniec

VIII Century Chapel in Mlyniec

River separating Mlyniec I and Mlyniec II

Mlyniec II

Parish Church in Gronowo

Town Square in old city of Torun Ruin of Teutonic Castle in old city of Torun