Ancestral Houses In Chicago

8632 Baltimore

This was the first recorder home of Stanislaw Orbik in 1894.


8640 Baltimore

Home of the Alexander Pyterek family and later the Stanislaw Orbik family.

8743 Commercial Ave

 Home of Kajetan Orbik in 1934. This house is across the Street from Immaculate Conception Church.

8737 Commercial Ave

 Home of Jan Orbik in 1910. This house is across the Street from Immaculate Conception Church.


88th and Commercial

Immaculate Conception Church


8211 Houston Ave

This is where the Jozef and Stanislawa (Broniarczyk) Szocinski family lived.

8252 Houston

Although not the original house, this is the address where Michael Ulaszek and Marianna (Czarny)  lived when Marianna died in1921.

8258 South Shore Drive

This is the house that Michael Ulaszek lived when he died in 1932.

8317 Commercial Ave

This is where Jozef Szocinski was living at the time of his death in 1916. It is also listed as the home of his mother Antonia. Jozef and his wife were estranged at the time of his death.

8339 Brandon (Ontario) 

This is where Michael Ulaszek and his wife Marianna Czarny were living in 1900. Marianna's sister Sophia was also living here. Her other sister Agatha and her husband Jacob Brongiel were living next door.

8331 Brandon   

(formerly Ontario)


8347 Bond Ave

This is where Franciszek and Honorata (Nurkowicz) Rzasa were living when Honorata died in 1912.

8411 Brandon (Ontario)

This is the home of Michael Ulaszek and his family in 1910.

Also living here was Franciszek Ulaszek and his family as well as his son Joseph Ulaszek and his family.

8430 Baltimore Ave

This is where Antonina (Slomka) Szocinski was living at the time of her death in 1921. She was the wife of Kaspar Szocinski and mother of Jozef.

8409 Brandon (Ontario)

Home of the Frank Ulaszek family in 1900

83rd Street

St Michael's Church