Jakub Budziak Family

From Osobnica

There was a Budziak family living on 8436 Ogelsby in South Chicago in 1930. The father, Joseph was born on December 28th 1900 in St. Michael's parish in South Chicago to Jakub Budziak and Marianna Marszalek.

Jakub Budziak and Marianna Marszalek were married on 18 October 1897 in St. Michael's parish in South Chicago. Jakub Budziak was the son of Joseph Budziak and Zofia Kaczyk. Marianna Marszalek was the daughter of Jan Marszalek and Zofia Kolewnik. 

Jakub Budziak and Marianna Marszalek had two other children as well:

Catherine, born on 7 August 1899

Sophia born on 13 September 1903

Jakob Budziak traveled from Osobnica in Poland to America twice: The first time  he arrived in New York on
April 15, 1893 from Rotterdam aboard the ship Obdam. He was 28 and listed his home as Osobnica. His destination was LaSalle, Illinois. There was another Budziak family living there at the time. The second time he travelled to America was on June 13, 1906, arriving at New York from Bremen on the ship
Kaiser Wilhelm II. 

There were several other Budziak weddings in St Michael's parish in South Chicago:

Agata Budziak, daughter of Joseph (probably Jakob Budziak's sister) married John Dybas on Jan 21, 1901.

Joseph Budziak, son of Thomas Budziak and Marianna Lukczak married Katheryn Musial on Jun 27, 1892.

Marianna Budziak, daughter of Adalbert (Wojciech) Budziak and Katherine Lazar, married Adalbert Kieltyka on Oct 8, 1900..

There were more Budziak families in SS Peter and Paul Parish in the" Back of the Yards" neighborhood in Chicago.