Biography of Stanislaw Broniarczyk

Birth: Stanislawa Broniarczyk was born in Gutowa male in the parish of Wrzesnia on 5 May 1873 to Bartlomeij Broniarczyk and Marianna Nowak. She was the 6th of 7 children.

Immigration: According to the 1900 US census, Stanislawa (Stella) Broniarczyk  immigrated with her parents Bartlomeij, mother Marianna, and sister Marianna in April 1887 aboard the ship Donau under the name Bromarski. Barthlomeij was listed as a farmer, but he was also listed as a laborer and a driver on records in Poland.

Marriage:  Stanislawa Broniarska married Joseph Szocinski married  on 5 November 1895 in Saint Michael’s Church in South Chicago. It was Stanislawa’s second marriage. She was the widow of Walenty Konieczny from Geczew in the parish of Lgow. . They were married in St. Stanislaw Kostka parish in Chicago on 4 August 1891 and  had two children together. Walenty Konieczny died after getting hit by a train in South Chicago on Oct 28, 1894. 

Residence: The family address according to the 1910 census was 8240 Houston Avenue.

Children with Walenty Konieczny:

  1. Frank Konieczny (1892-1976) married Regina Ostrowski. Changed his name to Koenig and moved to Almond Wisconsin.

  2. Bronislawa (Bertha) Konieczny (1894-1963) married John Pietraszewski (AKA Piet).

Children with Joesph Szocinski.

  1. Marianna Szocinski (1896-died young)

  2. Sylvester Szocinski (1897-1931 ). Whole family died of tuberculosis in the 1930s.

  3. Leocadia (Lillian) Szocinski (1899-1971)  married William Raasch

  4. Stanisława (Stella) Szocinski (1902) married a Podolski

  5. Valeria (Laura) Szocinski  (1905-1984)  married Joseph Rzasa 27 May 1927.

  6. Gertrude Szocinski (1907-)  married Walter Baron.

  7. Ignatius Szocinski (1910 -1984)

  8. John Szocinski (1913-1983)

Death: Stanislawa Broniarczyk Szocinski died of pulmonary tuberculosis on March 11, 1923 at 8211 Houston in South Chicago.

Other Family Information: