Biography of Michael Ulaszek

Birth: Michael (Michal) Ulaszek was born on 24 April 1863 in house number 61 in the village and parish of Osobnica to Wojciech (Adalbert) Ulaszek and Agata Gliwa. He was the 11th of 13 children of his parents.

Immigration: According to the 1900 US census, Michael Ulaszek immigrated in 1891. According to the 1930 US Census, he immigrated in 1890 and was still an alien. He probably never became a US citizen.

Marriage: Michael Ulaszek married Marianna Czarny, also from Osobnica, on 20 May 1895 in St. Michael's parish in South Chicago. Witnesses at this marriage were Frank Lesniak and Frances Kuchta, both common names from Osobnica.

Residence: In 1900 Michael Ulaszek and his family were living at 8331 Ontario (now Brandon) in South Chicago. They were living at 8411 Brandon in 1910. In 1930 Michael Ulaszek was living with his son-in-law Harry Orbik and his daughter Agnes nee Ulaszek. Their son Harry Jr. was living there as well.


  1. Jan Ulaszek (1897-1897)

  2. Anna Ulaszek (1898-1983) married Konstanty (Gus) Iwinski in 1924 in Chicago.

  3. Agnes (1900-1984), married Harry Orbik in 1924.

  4. Hedwig Ulaszek (1903-1903)

  5. Catherine (1905- ?), married Boleslaw (William) Pik in 1928 in Chicago.

  6. Andreas (1908-1908)

Death: Michael Ulaszek died on 15 September 1932 of "mitral insufficiency" in South Chicago. He was living with the Harry and Agnes Ulaszek Orbik family at the time.

Other Family Information: Michael Ulaszek retired from Illinois Steel Corporation in 1928.