Biography of Jan Orbik

Birth: Jan Orbik was born in Tajenko, Poland on 21 June 1881 to Jan Orbik and Franciszka Polkowski. He was one of Stanislaw Orbik's brothers. .

Immigration: He immigrated to the US on the ship Pretoria on 24 April, 1902. He was listed as 21 single laborer. He was en route to Chicago Illinois to join Frank Sikorski living a 8638 Baltimore Ave. Passage was paid by his brother-in-law and he listed Frank Sikorski as his brother-in-law but he was Jan's uncle.

Marriage: Jan Orbik never married.

Residence: In 1918, he was living at 8817 Commercial Ave.

Children: Jan Orbik never had children

Death: Jan Orbik died 22 December, 1961 in Chicago Illinois of heart disease. He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Calumet City Illinois.

Other Family Information:  In 1918 Jan Orbik registered for the draft. He was living at 8817 Commercial Ave in Chicago. He listed Stanley Orbik at 8630 Baltimore as his closest living relative. He was unemployed at the time. He was listed as tall, medium build, & blue eyes.

Jan was listed on both his brother Kajetan and sister Marianna's immigration paperwork. They listed Jan as the person in Chicago who they were coming to stay with.