Franciszek Orbik



Frank Orbik was born in the forest guard settlement of Karpa near Barglowo in 1862, the son of Franciszek Orbik and Agnieszka Stankiewicz. Their father, Franciszek, was born in Tajno and was a "Strzezelec Lasow"  or "shooter" or "guard" of the forest in Netta.

He immigrated on 23 Mar1889 abord the SS Coblenz from Hamburg to America via Glasgow.

He was a iron ore miner in the Oliver Mining Company.

In 1891, he married Weronika Ropelewska who was born in Nowe Mazurki. The location of this marriage is still unknown. They had 12 children:

  1. Stanislawa, 1892, Ironwood, She married Stanley Arducant (b. 1884 in Augustow) 01 Nov 1910 in St. Micahel's Church In Ironwood. Benjamin Orbik was a witness to the wedding. She died 14 Aug 1939.
  2. Benjamin, born in 1894 in Ironwood. He enlisted in WWI but he died of influenza in 1918 at camp in NY waiting to deploy to France.
  3. Laura, born 1896 in Ironwood. She married Leo McManman 02 Oct 1917 in Ironwood. Helen Orbik was a witness. Laura died in 1971.
  4. John, born in 1899 in Ironwood. He married Cecylia Boona. John died in 1972.
  5. Steven, born 18 Jul 1900 in Ironwood. He was listed as living in Peoria, Il on his mother's 1938 obituary. He died in 1980.
  6. Gordon, 1903, Ironwood, He died in Chicago of pneumonia in1926.
  7. Dorothy, 1904, Ironwood
  8. Hieronim (Jeromy) born in 1909, baptised 13 April in St. Michael's parish and died 27 Apr 1909.
  9. Paul, 1910, Ironwood. He was listed as being in China in 1938 on his mother's obituary.
  10. Twins Casimir (baptised Antoni) and Adolf baptised 7 June in St. Michael's parish and died 29 and 30 Jul 1910 in Ironwood.
  11. Regina, born 1911, baptised 13 Oct 1911 in St. Michael's parish. Married Henry Nyberg. She died in Ironwood in 20 Jan 1981.

In the 1910 census, they lived at 200 North Curry Street in Ironwood City Michigan in ward 5.

Weronika (Ropelewska) Orbik died 23 May 1913 of cancer. She was buried in Riverside Cemetery in Ironwood in Block 37, lot 56. Also buried in this lot are:

  1. Casimir and Adolf Orbik, died 30 July, 1910.
  2. Ben Orbik, who died 9 Nov, 1918.

On August 4th 1913, Frank Orbik remarried Josepha DziÄ…dziak nee Wisniak from Rudofko. On his 2nd marriage record and his children's birth records, Frank listed Kroszowka as the location where he was from. This village is also in the Barglow Koscielny parish. Frank and Josepha Orbik had 2 children together:

  1. Anna, baptised 24 July 1914 in St. Michael's parish, Ironwood
  2. Joseph, 1916, Ironwood. He enlisted in the Army in the field artillery and was listed as being at Fort Snelling in 1938 on his mother's obituary. He was listed as serving in WWII. It seems he was a subject of a missing persons case and was rumored to have moved to Ohio and went by the name of Joe Schultz.

Frank Orbik died August 17, 1928 in Ironwood of prostate cancer. He was buried in Riverside cemetery in Block 16, Lot 28. Other family buried in this plot are:

  1. Gordon Orbik, died Apr 27, 1926.
  2. Regina V. Nyberg, died 20 Jan, 1981.
  3. Stanley Arducant, died 23 July 1997. AS note says his ashes were spread 6 feet, transferred from Block 57, Lot 25A, space 3.

Frank Orbik's second wife, Josepha DziÄ…ndziak neee Wisniat, died 1 Mar 1938 and was buried in Riverside Cemetery in Block, 16, Lot 61. Also buried here are her first husband Jakob Dziadziak, who died on 20 Dec, 1911 and her son Louis Jakob Dziadziak, who also went by the name of Loius Jakob Orbik. He died 16 Jun, 1960.









































Pictured above is Frank Orbik and his children. Laura, Joe, Ann (Frank's daughter from his second marriage), Paul, and Regina. In the front row is Laura's children Dolores and Donald, and Frank's son from his second marriage, Joe.





Pictured above is Steve, John, Joe, Dorothy, and Gordon Orbik in Chicago. They later changed their names to Orbeck to fit in better with the Scandinavian community they lived in.

































Grave of Franciszek "Frank" Orbik 1862-1828















Grave of Frank and Veronica Orbik's son, Benjamin Orbik.




Grave of Frank Orbik's first wife Veronica Ropelewski








Grave of Frank Orbik's second wife, Josephine nee Wisniat Dziadzak.