Novodvorsky from Pisek Bohemia

This family is not related to me but I am helping a freind with this family.

Marriage 1844 Tomas Novodvorsky, 30, son of Novodvorsky and Eva Rypka, and Katrina Vrba 29.

Marriage 1845 of Tomas Novodvorski, widower, 29, house # 110, and Anna Rechor, 26, house # 131.

Marriage 1857 of Frantisezk Havlik, 36, house # 133 and Maria Novodvorsky, 24, daughter of Tomas Novodvorsky and Katerina Kolovsek, house # 133.

Marriage 1860 of Frantisek Novodvorsky, 38, son of Jakub Novodvorsky and Anna Mares to Maria Sznkova, daughter of Matej Sznkova and Anna Polak.

Tomas Novodvorsky, son of Tomas Novorsky and Katarina Egelscheid and Katerina Vrba, daughter of Josef Vrba and Magdalena.

Marriage 1867 of Josef Novodvorsky, son of Jan Novodvorsky, 30, and Barabara Pasora to Barbara Walesc, 31, daughter of Jan Walesc and Rozalia Kovar.

Marriage 1868 of Jan Novotny, son of Matej Novotny and Veronika Uhlik, to Anna Novodvorska, daughter of Michal Novodvorski and Maria Krepel.

Marriage in 1870 of Matej Hebrina, son of Karel Hebrina and Maria Poczty to Franciska Novodvorska, daughter of Michal Novodvorski and Maria Krepel from Vrcovice.

Marriage 1871 of Antonin Reichl, son of Antonin Reichl and Eleanor Mandena, to Anna Novodvorska, daughter of Tomas Novodvorsky and Katerina Vrba.

Marriage 1873 of Frantisek Novodvorsky, son of Jan Novodvorsky and Barabnara Matula to Maria Bucek, daughter of Matej Bucek and Rosalia.

Marriage 1873 of Martin Bouda, son of Matej Bouda and Anna Vojtik to Alzbeta Novodvorska, daughter of Jan Novodvorsky and Barbara Matura.

Marriage 1875 of Josef Soukup, son of Vojtech Soukupa and Alzbeta Cyla to Anna Novodvorska, daughter of Vaclav Novodvorsky and Maria Pletich.

Jan Novodvorski, son of Jan Novodvorski and Barbara Matura, and Roaslaia Kovarik and Rosalia Kovarik, daughtrer of Josefa Kovarik and Maria Balouskova from Modlisovic.

Marriage 1881 of Frantisek Novodvorsky, 47 widower after Maria Filipova from Kukel, son of Vaclav Novodvorsky from Vrcovice and Maria Pletich to Alzbieta Svamberova, 56, widow after Vojtech Svamber and Alzbeta Filipa from Kukel.

Marriage in 1884 of Jan Budin 49, widow after Veronika Muskova, son of Matej Budin to Maria Novodvorska, 54, widow of Frantisek Novodvorski, daughter of Matej Grunka and Anna Polak.

Marriage in 1884 of Josef Levy, 54 son of Josef Levy and Josefa Zahlik from Pisek to Alzbeta Posmura, daughter of Vaclav and Helen Posmura

Marriage in 1849 in the parish of Mysenec, south of Pisek, of Tomas Novodvorsky, 32, son of Jakub Novodvorsky and Anna Meres to Magdelena Kzenek to Jakub Kzenek.