So far Jozefa Cychner, born in Czeszewo in the Wrzesnia powiat (county) circa 1844 is the farthest in my maternal line. I am trying to trace this line back because I am doing a research project on my Mitochondrial DNA. My fathers line is Orbik, but my mothers line includes these names: Broniarczyk, Nowak, Cychner, Szocinski, & Rzasa.

When my great-great grandfather Bartlomeij Broniarczyk married Mary Nowak in the parish of Targowa Gorka in 1863, he listed his place of origin as nearby Chocziczka. Marianna Nowak stated she was born around 1844 in Czeszewze to Paul Nowak and Josepha Cechner. No village in this area has a name close to this. After Batlomeij Broniarczyk died in 1887 in Chicago, only 3 months after arriving in the US with his family, Marianna remarried  Jan Swierszcz in 1889 is St. Stanislaw Koska in Chicago. On that marriage record she stated that her parents were Paul Nowak and Jozefa Cycher and that she was born in 1844 in Czeszewo in Prussia.

I researched other Cychner marriages in Chicago and found that all Cychners married at the turn of the century in Chicago came from the same parents, Franciszek Cychner and Marianna Pech. These marriages were:

  1. Stanislaw Cychner, 26, born in Mikuszewo, powiat of Poznan, son of Franciszek Cychner and Marianna Pech, married Marianna Przygoda, 23 in the parish of St. Stanislaw Kostka  in Chicago 1902. They were living at 96 Cleaver street at the time.

  2. Stanislawa Cychner, daughter of from Franciszek Cychner and Marianna Pech, from Wrzesnia, Poznan married Wladislaw Lomperski on July 3 1912 in the parish of Saint Mary of the Angels in Chicago. A witness was Marcin Cychner.

  3. Ignacy Cychner, born in Mikuszewo, Poznan, son of Franciszek Cychner and Marianna Pech married Anna Krajecki on 25 Nov 1903 in the parish of St. John Cantius in Chicago.

  4. Wladislawa Cychner, daughter of from Franciszek Cychner and Marianna Pech, from Czeszewo, Poznan married Wladislaw Lisowski on February 14 1914  in the parish of Saint Mary of the Angels in Chicago.

There are records of the parish of Czeszewo in the archives in Poznan but they were not microfilmed by LDS for some reason. I have a letter there requesting more information on this family. I am waiting for the return of this letter.

The parish of Mikuszewo has records but the all start around 1870s. I checked LDS and found German civil registration from the Mikuszewo powiat and found these records:

These other records were in this parish as well:

In the nearby parish of Miloslaw:

 These records confirm that this Cychner family group listed above are from this area so there is a good chance I will pick up the trail of Jozefa Cychner/ Paul Nowak line in this parish.

March 2007- I got a response from the State Archives in Poznan. Czeszwewo (Wrzesnia) church books do indeed have a birth of Marianna Cechner in the village of Chlebowo5 October 1841, born to Pawel Nowak Jozefa Cechner. Her godmother was Margaretha Cechner. The archivist goes on to say that he checked the records from 10 years on either side and cannot find any other siblings or the marriage record of Paul Nowak and Jozefa. I will continue with this research soon.

Jan 2010- I found the birth of another child of Paul Nowak and Josepha Cychner in the parish of Opatówka near Wrzesnia in 1850. Apollonia Nowak was born in 1850 in Podstolice.

August 2008 - Poznan State Archives - Czeszewo Parish

In Chlebowo


birth of Mikolaj - 3 Sep 1843 gp: Walenty Buczof , Antonina Kurawska

birth of Agnes - 14 Apr 1845 ( here mother was Teofila Przybylska )

In Chlebowo


birth of Jozefa - 4 March 1840

birth of Antoni - 6 May 1843 died 6 Oct 1844

In Chrostowo


birth of Wojciech - 24 March / 18 Apr 1821

birth of Marcin - 25 /27 Oct 1822


birth of Walenty - 12 Febr 1822


More Cychners from nearby parishes